Supporting Dogs in Need

At Wilderwoofs, our passion extends beyond crafting high-quality gear for your adventures. We hold a deep commitment to the well-being of dogs, especially those in need. That's why we proudly support Safe Haven Inu Rescue, a dedicated shelter for Japanese dogs.

Safe Haven Inu Rescue serves as a beacon of hope, focusing on dogs that have endured difficult and traumatised lives. Many of these dogs are former breeding animals who have spent their lives in puppy mills, never experiencing the warmth of a loving home. The foundation provides not only shelter for these dogs but also combats unethical breeding practices.

In support of their invaluable work, Wilderwoofs commits to donating 10% of our revenue to Safe Haven Inu Rescue every month of 2024. This contribution supports their efforts to create a safe haven for these beautiful souls, ensuring they receive the care, love, and respect they deserve.

By choosing Wilderwoofs for your next adventure, you do more than prepare for the journey ahead; you lend a helping paw to dogs in urgent need. Together, we can make a significant impact, restoring the lives and spirits of these dogs.

Join us in this vital mission! Let's create positive change together, one paw at a time!