Our Story

Hey there! I'm Maria, the human behind Wilderwoofs. My journey into the world of dogs began with Yoshi, a spirited Shiba Inu, who burst into my life just before my 27th birthday. Yoshi's arrival was not just a childhood dream come true but the beginning of an adventure into understanding what dogs truly need.

In our search for suitable dog gear, I realised that regular pet store leashes simply didn't meet our needs. They were either too short, too heavy, or just not right for our adventures. That's when Wilderwoofs came to life. My passion for crafting led me to experiment with various materials and designs until I found the ideal blend for Yoshi and dogs like her.

Our leashes are more than just a walking accessory; they're made from durable climbing rope, ready for every adventure you and your dog embark on. We offer a range of styles: classic, hands-free, and traffic leashes, each designed with your convenience and your dog's comfort in mind. The highlight? Our hands-free leash with a special sliding knot that adapts to your needs – whether you want to wear it around your waist, over your shoulder, or use it as a simple hand-held leash.

Wilderwoofs is all about wild hearts and happy tails. Our mission is to see more happy dogs – whether by enhancing your walks with our products or by helping those in urgent need. We proudly support Safe Haven Inu Rescue, a dedicated shelter for Japanese dogs. Together, let's make a positive impact, one paw at a time. See you out there with your four-legged friends!