Size Guide: Convertible Leash

Our Convertible Leash is designed to offer versatility to match your lifestyle, available in various lengths. The actual length experienced during use will vary depending on how you choose to wear the leash and your body type. Below is a general guide to help you understand how each wearing style might adjust to fit:

Classic hand-held mode: This is the leash's full length as is, providing maximum distance between you and your dog.

Waist mode: Wrapping the leash around your waist will typically use an extra portion of the leash's length, depending on your waist size. Expect the usable leash length to be slightly shorter.

Crossbody mode: Wearing the leash cross-body will also shorten its length relative to your body type. The larger the loop, the shorter the leash will feel.

We encourage experimenting with different styles to discover the ideal length for you and your dog's comfort during your adventures. 

Note: Given that each leash is handcrafted, there can be a slight variation of 2-3 cm in length.